CAM 02
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Type Clown Room
Characters Flumpty
Grunkfuss the Clown

CAM 2, also known as the Clown Room by fans, is a location in One Night at Flumpty's 2. It is connected with CAM 3, CAM 5, and The Office


The room appears to be heavily based around Grunkfuss, with the doorway having a large arch that resembles Grunkfuss' face, featuring a red nose, spiky black eyes, and a smile featuring large white teeth.

Around the room on the floor features a mushroom, a castle, a bowl, a potted plant, and a hoop, the floor also has occasional black specks on it. The walls are stripped with vertical lines, also having large black spots, and dark roots on them.

Characters Who Appear Here

Grunkfuss and Flumpty can appear on this screen. Grunkfuss can be seen sitting down in the top right corner of the screen, Flumpty can also occasionally be seen standing in the middle of the room.

CAM 2 is the only location that Grunkfuss can go to besides The Office.


Early on in the night this room doesn't have much purpose, until a hole appears on the player's office with a sound effect which signifies that Grunkfuss is going to become active.

When this happens, Grunkfuss will now be staring at the camera, and a "patience" meter will appear on CAM 2's screen, rapidly going down. Once the patience meter reaches 0, Grunkfuss will enter The Player's office via the hole in the wall. If the lights are off for long enough, Grunkfuss will go back into the hole, back into CAM 2, and the patience meter will reset.

On Hard Boiled Mode, Grunkfuss will be much more active earlier on, meaning the hole and patience meter will be activated much earlier than on normal mode.

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CAM 02
Type Kitchen
Characters Birthday Boy Blam
The Owl

CAM 02, also known as The Kitchen, is a location that would have appeared in One Week at Flumpty's. It is connected with CAM 03, and CAM 05.


The kitchen has minor bloodstains on the left wall. On the left wall a message reads in big, black, sketchy letters; EYE FOR AN EYE. There are counters against the wall, a fridge, an oven, and a counter in the middle of the room. On the counters against the wall are multiple appliances filled with eyeballs, broken, cracked, or just downright disturbing.

Characters Who Appear Here

Birthday Boy Blam starts here, seen standing on the center counter and staring at the camera, expressionless.

Due to cancellation it is unknown if any other characters would have appeared in this room.


  • This room contains references to the gameover screens from the first two games.

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