CAM 04
Type Hall
Characters Flumpty
Birthday Boy Blam
The Redman

CAM 4, also known as North Hallway by fan, is a location in One Night At Flumpty's. CAM 4 connects with more rooms than ever, using the rooms that are being used by CAM 1, CAM 2B, CAM 3 and CAM 5.


This room contains a door that leads to CAM 1, a pumpkin with a mouth, 3 stick like objects coming out of the ground, scratch marks near the roof and cracks on the wall.


  • Almost all rooms are connected to CAM 4, these being CAM 1, CAM 2B, CAM 3 and CAM 5. The only rooms not connected with CAM 4 are CAM 2A and CAM 6.

CAM 04
CAM4 ONAF2.png
Type Vent
Characters The Owl

CAM 4, which is the Left Air Vent, is a location in One Night at Flumpty's 2. For texture of the door, check Vents.


Similar to CAM 5, it points straight down the vent, this time having a purple tint. Only The Owl passes through here, as an indication that the left vent must be closed.


  • This camera shares the CAM 5 look.

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CAM 04
Type Bathroom
Characters Birthday Boy Blam
The Beaver
The Owl

CAM 04, nicknamed The Bathroom, is an area that would have appeared in One Week at Flumpty's.


The room is a demonic looking, purple-walled and purple-tiled bathroom. A strange toilet with black liquids oozing from it, rounded red teeth inside, and a small toilet paper roll next to it are in one corner, and in another is a rather tall urinal with teeth inside, as well as a tall sink and a small mirror.


  • When Blam is in CAM 4, he shows a similar face to The Bleeding Scream.

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