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This article is about One Week at Flumpty's, which was cancelled by Jonochrome. Please note that no official game can be played.
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Champ & Chump
Chumpchamp-right-300x300 (1)
Species Skinless Humanoids Corpses;
Colors Many Shades of Red (Body); Bloodshot White (Eyes)
Gender determinant (Champ is ONaF 1 and 2 player gender, and Chump is the player's best friend gender)
Starts Night 4,unknown (possibly CAM 5 alongside Eyesaur)

Champ and Chump are the names of two characters that were planned to appear in One Week at Flumpty's before the game's untimely cancellation. The pair would've been active on Night 4 alongside the Eyesaur.

The two characters were originally going to be plot twists, the twist involves their backstory; Champ refers to the player character of the first two games, while Chump refers to the original best friend of said character. A cutscene would have occurred before Night 4 with Flumpty leading the player into a room where he would say, "In order to become my new best friend, you must kill your old best friend." The player would refuse, and then Flumpty would kill them both, and turn them into Champ and Chump. As a result, he brainwashed them to be completely loyal to him and him only.

Appearance Edit

The two look near identical, described by Jonochrome as individual corpses of the Eyesaur. They are red, skinless humanoid figures that lack arms, their eyes are wide open, likely due to the lack of eyelids. Their eyes are noticeably bloodshot, and have red irises. They also have screaming mouths, similar to the Eyesaur.

Behavior Edit

The behavior of these two are as follows: Champ will walk through the whole map in a circle (he will even appear in the office), and his path must be clear (lasers must be off, hallways must be turned his way), otherwise he will scream and wake Chump, who’s peacefully sleeping in the office until that moment. It is possible they would've have started at the same time as the Eyesaur.

They are one of the three characters who is of focus on Night 4.

Trivia Edit

  • It is entirely possible that they would've been stunned for longer by camera flashes (much like the Eyesaur) due to the fact they lack eyelids.
  • Champ & Chump besides being the player from the first 2 games (you) and the best friend, they were also supposed to be the new characters in One Week At Flumpty's.

Promotional Edit

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