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The Exposure Meter is a vital game mechanic in One Night at Flumpty's 2. It acts as a 'health bar' of sorts. If an antagonist looks into the room with the light still on, it will turn yellow, start shaking, and emit an 8-bit style chip tune sound used to give attention to The Player to warn them that an antagonist is viewing them. A second long violent orchestral piece will play when an antagonist peeks into the room to alert The Player of their presence.

Once The Exposure meter is full, any antagonist that is present will jumpscare The Player and end the game.

The exposure meter will not go down as time passes, even if no antagonist has altered it recently.

The bar will stop filling as soon as The Player turns off the light switch, although the antagonist in question will still linger for a short time after the light is turned off before wandering into another room. The Owl, however, will instantaneously kill the player if the corresponding vent door he is traversing isn't closed, regardless of the exposure meter. Golden Flumpty does not fill the exposure meter when he is in the room but can still pose a threat if the player stares at him for too long. If the Redman manages to crash the Laptop, he will not fill the exposure meter in any way and will kill the Player seconds later, even if the lights are off.


  • The mechanic was inspired by a dream Jonochrome had, about a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine titled "Super Mario Sunshine 2". In the dream, whenever an enemy saw Mario, a bar in the bottom-right corner would fill up. If the bar filled up all the way, all of the enemies in the area would attack Mario.
    • If an enemy was closer, it was said that the bar filled quicker, as said in the commentary of Grunkfuss the Clown, as Grunkfuss was closer. Grunkfuss fills the exposure bar in 6 seconds.
  • Five Nights at TubbyLand 2 has a meter similar to this one called the "Awareness meter", Jon confirmed that the similarity was just a pure coincidence and was in no way intended.
  • When it comes to fast filling, Eyesaur is no exception. As he has 20 eyes, he is fully aware of you, and will fill up your exposure very quickly and much quicker than others.

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