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The pile of eyes that appear in ONaF.

The Eyesaur does not physically appear in One Night at Flumpty's. However, there is a similar pit containing a large number of eyes that appears in CAM 5.

It was confirmed that there is no character in the game relating to these eyes, as the idea of the Eyesaur wasn't made yet, instead, they were confirmed to simply be "just a pile of eyes", as stated by Jonochrome.

Fan speculation of what the eyes in CAM 5 could be eventually lead to Jonochrome fully making them their own character that would appear in One Night at Flumpty's 2, the Eyesaur.

ONaF2 Eyesaur Fullbody
Species Dinosaur-like Monster; Made of Human Corpses
Colors Dark Red (Body); White (Eyes)
Gender Male
Starts 4 AM, CAM 1

The Eyesaur is an newly introduced antagonist in One Night at Flumpty's 2. He appears in CAM 1, CAM 3, and CAM 6.

If The Player completes Hard-Boiled Mode, a newspaper article will appear. It is then revealed on the newspaper article that "Allegedly, Flumpty has constructed a skinless, many headed monster out of the corpses of his game's unfortunate past contestants."


The Eyesaur just appears as a group of twenty eyes in a dark pit in the ground before it activates. Once he emerges, he reveals himself as a large, dark red skinned dinosaur-like monster with twelve different heads, with eight heads having two eyes and four having only one. Only when appearing in the Hallway, the Eyesaur appears to have thirteen heads, seven heads having two eyes and six having one eye, this reverts back to twelve heads during his jumpscare.

He has a dinosaur like body, with a long body, four legs, with each having three claws each, a tail made out of multiple hands, and his back also features spines coming down it. He is completely made of the flesh, likely from all of the corpses he is made of. Eyesaur's full appearance is only viewable in CAM 6, just before he arrives in-front of your office, every other view of the Eyesaur only shows his front-most part of his body.


Normal Mode

The Eyesaur starts on CAM 1. He will not become active until 4 AM. Once active, he will then emerge from the dark pit in the ground, revealing what is under the pit. He will then travel through CAM 3 to CAM 6 on his way towards The Office.

The Eyesaur dramatically raises the Exposure Meter compared to all other antagonists in the game. When he is in Hallway, the Eyesaur will have a one second window of time to jumpscare The Player.

Hard Boiled Mode

In Hard-Boiled Mode, the Eyesaur is much more active, and can attack as early as 12 AM. He can immediately jumpscare The Player if the exposure meter is at 1/4 or higher.


When jumpscared, the Eyesaur will simply step into The Office and scream at The Player with his normally unnoticeable mouths. His eyes start leaking a black substance from them, and the iris in his eyes appears to have changed to red.

The Eyesaur has his own jumpscare sound that plays when jumpscaring the player.


Eyesaurs jumpscare Scream.


The Jumpscare Background Music.



  • As Eyesaur is composed of Flumpty's previous 'victims', this possibly means that the player is the 13th contestant at Flumpty's House of Horrors.
  • It is possible that the Eyesaur takes the role of The Redman from the first game. As The Redman was supposed to indicate that the game was getting harder, Eyesaur could also serve this purpose because of how he looks out of place (compared to the other characters) and becomes active later on in the Night much likee the Redman does.
  • The reason that the Eyesaur fills up the Exposure Meter faster than all of Flumpty and his friends is because he has more eyes, and can notice The Player easier.
  • The Eyesaur's name is a reference to how he has a dinosaur like body.
    • His name is also a pun on the phrase "eyesore", a term used for pain in the eyes.

"Cancelled Game"
This article is about One Week at Flumpty's, which was cancelled by Jonochrome. Please note that no official game can be played.
For more information go here
Species Dinosaur-like Monster; Made of Eleven Human Corpses
Colors Many Shades of Red (Body); Bloodshot White (Eyes)
Gender Male
Starts 12 AM, Night 4, unknown

The Eyesaur would have reappeared once more as an antagonist in One Week at Flumpty's.


The Eyesaur would've differed slightly from the previous game, appearing to have one more head, each head having two eyes each, resulting in the Eyesaur having 22 eyes in total, two more from the previous game. His eyes would be bloodshot red instead of the pure white of the last game, his legs would also become less stiff. He also appears to be in a brighter shade of red with more noticeable mouths.


It is unknown where the Eyesaur would have started, though he would have acted like any other character, trying to reach The Office in an attempt to kill The Player. His path can be blocked by turning the halls around and activating lasers, and he can be stunned momentarily by taking a picture of him.

He is one of the three characters who is of focus on Night 4, other being Champ & Chump.


  • Due to his large number of eyes, it is possible that the camera flashes would have stunned him longer than any of the other antagonist.

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