This page was created for the soul purpose of housing any fan-made art for One Night at Flumpty's, One Night at Flumpty's 2, and One Week at Flumpty's. Anyone is allowed to add fanart here, as long as it follows the Rules & Guidelines.

Fanart Gallery Edit

  • Permission was granted by the original artist and uploaded by her.
  • Image inspired by the song Sombedy's Watching Me by Rockwell, a similar version of this song is made by Misto and Pizzi.
  • Girls version of Flumpty & co.
  • Super flumpty bros art 1.png Super Flumpty bros.
  • Isor.png Eyesaur.
  • Birthday Boy Blam. Best character. DONE.
  • Redman greets you a "hi". Made by DeliciousBakedPie.
  • BBB calls.png
  • Birthday Boy Blam. Made by DeliciousBakedPie (me).
  • Flumpty from OWaF. Made by DeliciousBakedPie (me).
  • Eyesaur. c: Drawn by DeliciousBakedPie <3.
  • Flumpty getting a taste of his own medicine By RS23901.
  • A monstrosity.
  • Redman mugshot and background from One Night at Flumpty's. c: Drawn by DeliciousBakedPie <3.
  • Grunkfuss the Clown Fanart. Drawn by DeliciousBakedPie <3.
  • Kevin Jr. fanart. Drawn by DeliciousBakedPie <3.
  • Golden Flumpty fanart drawing. Drawn by DeliciousBakedPie c: <3.
  • What the Mummy Beaver could have looked like in OWaF. Drawn by BlizzardBlade.
  • Blammy Boy and Flumps Mcgee by baroncasimiro.
  • My Flumpty and Birthday Boy Blam, drawn by hand, no tracers LEEDLE LEE.
  • The roughest of sketches, and the ultimate result of boredom. Flumpty'sXAceAttorney AU, I guess.
  • "Can you find my sense of direction?" - By Baroncasimiro.
  • The good ol' days. Made by Baroncasimiro.
  • Champ and Chump.Go to Fanart
  • I kinda sucks at drawing DX.
  • Eyesaur drawn by RavioliRaven.
  • The Redman, drawn by ClassoThePuppet.
  • Flumpty's gang.Go to Human-ishFlumpty'sGANG
  • Original characters by Omari aka Odd X Sniffle.
  • A chibi of BBB! :D
  • William830's ONAF version made by him.
  • Flumpty Jumpscare made by William830 in paint (Handless Flumpty Jumpscare)
  • Eyesaur drawn by Seth
  • The company that supplies camera and tecnology service in all Flumpty related locations (fanart drawn by Dr Weed(me, pablopmpom))
  • I don't like your tone
  • its so cute!
  • Flumpty:Why the freak are we looking at?!
  • Flumpty:Um....OK

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