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I truly appreciate every message I receive and try to respond to questions. But I've found that with so many comments to read and reply to, I haven't had any time to work on anything outside of necessary college work.

So, I'll be taking a break from Internet communication for a little while, just long enough to make some progress on personal projects and finish little things I've been putting off.

Because I won't really be replying to questions during this time, I want to try and answer all the most common ones I receive here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Will there be a One Night at Flumpty's 3? There won't be, if I'm being honest with myself. I've said in the past that I "most likely" wouldn't make one, but I know that even if I had ideas for a third game, I would apply them to something else. One Night at Flumpty's 2 is basically everything I felt inspired to do with a FNAF fan game; if I kept going, I wouldn't be having fun making it anymore, and it wouldn't be as much fun for people to play. I want to shift gears to other projects, maybe original ones that aren't fan games of anything. Besides, if ending the series here means that other FNAF fan game developers can get more recognition, I consider that a plus. I've been making games for a while, but there are plenty of people just starting out who could use more support. ^ EDIT: Changed my mind. I still don't plan on ONAF3. But I can't promise it won't exist.

2) Will you make any other games with the Flumpty characters? The idea of a Flumpty RPG has been brought up a few times, but that would be an awfully ambitious project for characters who, to me, are just doodles to accompany jokes. Also, since Flumpty can transcend time and space and is basically invincible, I think the number of major roles he could play in a video game are pretty limited. I do certainly have plans for the characters to be cameos or Easter eggs in my future projects, and there's a chance that I'll make small, silly Flumpty joke games on the side (kinda like the ONAF2 April Fools game).

3) Do you have ideas for your next games? I admit I only have ideas for a secret project I don't expect to finish in the next few years. I'd enjoy ideas for short-term side projects.

4) Will you put the games on Macs or mobile devices? I can't/won't put them on mobile devices, but it's still up in the air if they'll get on Macs. I'd like for them to, if I can make that work.

5) What did you use to make the ONAF games? They were put together with GameMaker: Studio. I draw in Macromedia Flash 8 with a corded mouse. The sound effects were all recorded and edited in Audacity, and the music was made in FL Studio 8, using mainly the soundfonts from this page:

6) Would it be possible to see the group comic that Flumpty and Blam are from? Unfortunately no; most of the comic was lost about a year ago. I can barely remember how it went, so remaking it is also sorta out of the question. Maybe I can try to dedicate a page to the parts of the comic I still have. I've posted a couple on Twitter, and there's one at the end of the developer commentary for the first ONAF.

7) Can I use Flumpty characters/music/footage for something I'm making? As long as you provide credit, and the thing you're making is non-profit (aside from ad monetization), I don't mind. On that note, you could even make your own Flumpty comic to make up for the one that was lost, if you wanted to.

8) Could you help me with a game I'm making? This isn't an easy question to answer, but I have a hard time finishing games I start, and an even harder time committing to collaborative efforts. I never seem to have the time or creative energy to stick to a project with someone else, and then I feel horrible when I can't follow through with it. The odds of my making a game with you are a lot higher if you happen to be one of my close friends, but even then, there's sadly no guarantee it will get finished. This is part of the reason I try to make every part of a game myself; I don't have to let others down if it dies before it's announced.

9) Can you make a FNAF clone tutorial? It depends. The biggest problem I see with this is, I don't use the drag-and-drop features of GameMaker, I type hundreds of lines of code. So, if you asked this question and you don't have much programming experience, I don't know how helpful a tutorial from me would be to you. I'll consider trying to make a tutorial if there's still demand for one, though.

10) Why the dead Winnie the Pooh characters? Do you hate Winnie the Pooh? I love Winnie the Pooh, actually. When I was drawing random things in the office of the first ONAF, anything that my friend didn't suggest for me to draw, I had to come up with myself. I was in the Flumpty mindset, my brain defaulted to corrupting something cute and innocent, and I drew Pooh with exposed guts. It was both funny and unsettling to me. I drew Piglet in ONAF2 to keep the theme.

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