Flumpty Bumpty

Flumpty as depicted in his kid-friendly representation.

Species Anthropomorphic Egg
Colors White
Gender Male
Starts 12 AM, CAM 1

Are you looking for Golden Flumpty?

"Hi! I'm Flumpty Bumpty. I'm an egg. I'm immune to the plot, and can transcend time and space. Also, I'm coming after you. You can figure out the rest. Have fun!” *Giggle*
— Flumpty's phone call to the player in One Night at Flumpty's

Flumpty Bumpty, or Flumpty for short, is the titular main antagonist in One Night at Flumpty's.

According to him, he is "immune to the plot", "can transcend time and space", and kills anyone when he feels like it. He is friends with the equally as violent Birthday Boy Blam. According to the developer commentary and the newspaper The Beaver holds, Flumpty kidnaps the player because he feels like it, and he wants a friend. If he catches the player, he will kill them, resulting in a jumpscare and not becoming friends, and instead killing them and eating their eyes. If they survive, the player and Flumpty become best friends.


He is a large, pearly white, anthropomorphic egg, with a constantly innocent smile on his face when he isn't killing the player. He has black, oval dots for eyes, a button nose, and thin, flimsy looking, cartoon-like, stick-like limbs with a thumb and mitten-like hands.


In his jumpscare, his appearance is different. His eyes become more realistic and bloodshot and he appears to have sharp teeth. He also appears to be a light shade of blue (this may be due to the lighting). His tongue is flailing and becomes snake-like, and his arms are a lot wider, accompanied with actual hands.



If he doesn't appear on the cameras, the player will most likely need to check the left door. If he isn't in the blind spot, then Flumpty is most likely in the same room as The Redman.


He starts on CAM 1. He will move randomly to CAM 2A or CAM 2B, and CAM 4, finally reaching/teleporting to The Office.


The scream Flumpty emits when killing the player.


  • Flumpty is the one speaking on the phone at the beginning of the one and only night in the game. Since he appears to start in CAM 1, you may actually be watching him as he is making the call.
  • Flumpty sometimes appears on the right side CAM nearest to the Player's office, but only appears in the left blind spot.
  • His name is most likely inspired by Humpty Dumpty, an egg from a famous nursery rhyme.
  • He is the only character that takes less than 6 seconds to enter The Office.
  • Despite being the main antagonist, he doesn't act the same way Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy's does. Instead he will approach the office via the left door (Freddy does the right door) and will disable the door controls (if Freddy is in your room, he will attack at a random time instead of disable anything) if the left door is not closed, just like Bonnie, another animatronic from FNaF.
  • He is voiced by Jonochrome, as heard in the commentary, as their voices are surprisingly similar.
  • He has sharp teeth, but only in his jumpscare.
  • When Flumpty is in CAM 1 he appears to have a smaller face than that he has in other rooms.
  • When Flumpty jumpscares the Player, his tongue is that of a snake's.
  • Flumpty does not have the best social skills, resulting in his lack of friends.
    • It's possible that his violent and possessive ways may be comparable to that of a sociopath, as they can be violently protective of the object of their affections.

Flumpty Bumpty
00000088 (2).png
Species Anthropomorphic Egg
Colors White
Gender Male
Starts 12 AM, CAM 3

Flumpty Bumpty reprises his role as the main antagonist of One Night at Flumpty's 2, hence the title.


Like the first game, he is a giant fat egg with a happy expression, but he seems to be smaller than his One Night at Flumpty's counterpart. Apart from this, his appearance remains unchanged. Sometimes in CAM 3, he is seen reaching his arms out while holding a short, brown hat.


Flumpty starts the night at CAM 3. When he pops up in the hallway, he hesitates for half a second before starting to increase the exposure meter (even if the monitor is up), giving the player time to turn off the light before he attacks. Flumpty fills the exposure meter at the slowest rate compared to other antagonists. If the exposure meter fills up when Flumpty is at the hallway, he will attack the player. Also, he has no set path, and will teleport to a random room or at the door of The Office. If he is not in any cameras, his next stop will be The Office in a few seconds. When he reaches the hallway just outside, he will play peek-a-boo, giving the player time to react.

Like the first game, Flumpty attacks from the left side of the hallway rather than the right.


In his jumpscare, his face seems to be completely cracked open, revealing nothing but the eyes, nose and teeth. His eyebrows can also be seen. His eyes are blood-shot and he has a skull-like nose. For some unexplained reason, his face turns cracked and reveals a skullish face underneath. It is possible he may have mutilated himself or changed his face before attacking the player. He also appears to have big beige or orange hands that will glow white when they are grasping onto the player. He seems to be trying to rip the player's face off, as according to the record player's song.


Flumpty's jumpscare scream.

Background jumpscare music.


Flumpty Bumpty can be seen in CAM 1, CAM 2, CAM 3, CAM 6, CAM 7, and The Office.


  • Flumpty is one of the two characters that shares one of the jumpscare noises. The other character that shares this is Birthday Boy Blam.
  • Flumpty Bumpty, along with Blam, originates from a group comic made by Jonochrome and his friends.
  • Flumpty is the only character that gives time for the player to turn off the light, even if it is only for two seconds.
  • In both games, Flumpty is depicted with cracks on his shell revealing a big, dark human face. This is graphically shown in the first game's hallucinations, and when he attacks the player in the second game.

OWAF Cancelled.png "Cancelled Game"
This article is about One Week at Flumpty's, which was cancelled by Jonochrome. Please note that no official game can be played.
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Flumpty Bumpty
Species Anthropomorphic Egg
Colors White
Gender Male
Starts Night 1, Active on Night 5,CAM 1

Flumpty Bumpty would have reappeared once more as the playable character and final antagonist in One Week at Flumpty's.


Flumpty's appearance remains the same as his design from the first and second game.


Flumpty presumably starts in "The Egg's Chamber" in CAM 01, it's possible that he would've teleported like the previous anyways since he must be the hardest character it's possible he would've been unaffected by the pictures, and don't be locked by the hallways and lasers, also it can be presumed that he would've been very fast

He is the character of focus on Night 5.

The Sixth Night

An unlockable Night 6 would've been a special cutscene, revealing that Flumpty was the player the entire time, with the true antagonist being Golden Flumpty.

Flumpty Bumpty
Species Anthropomorphic Egg
Colors White
Gender Male
Starts TBA

Flumpty Bumpty returns once again in One Night at Flumpty's 3.


Flumpty's appearence will presumably remain similar to his previous appearences, though teasers suggest he will don a bloody design.

Flumpty's Death

After overwhelming pressure by fans to continue expanding the One Night at Flumpty's franchise, Jonochrome released an image serving as the conclusion to Flumpty's existence. He released an image of Flumpty's grave, engraved with:

"Flumpty Bumpty died by having a great fall, similar to Humpty Dumpty, thereby losing his immunity to the plot and being unable to return."

The image announcing Flumpty's death came with these messages by Jonochrome:

"I declare this the canonical death of Flumpty.
I will not make anything else in any way related to Flumpty (unless I accept a rare commission involving the Flumpty character or associated characters).
I also will not utilize a creative outlet like animation, game development, or YouTube videos to make anything else related to Five Nights at Freddy's (except under the same specific commissioning conditions).
Flumpty will not be an Easter egg in my future games or other projects.
Games using artwork from any of the Flumpty games I worked on are not permitted. If a game is made using my series' art, or art barely distinguishable from it, that game will be reported and deleted.
I also plan to either ignore or mute all questions and comments about Flumpty until further notice.
This is my limit. I've finally, well, "cracked."
As much as I'm grateful for the response the ONaF series has received, it's so frustrating that when people see the name "Jonochrome", their whole focus is on my silly short-term parody side-game series. I don't care how original or high-quality they are, they're still fan games. I don't want to be "the best fan game developer ever." I'd rather be known as a real game developer.
Keep moving forward.

According to The Flumpty Canon, however, this death would be retconned from the ONAF canon, as Jonochrome would later go on to make several drawings and April Fools animations of Flumpty and Birthday Boy Blam.

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