General Rules

  • Do not vandalize the wiki.
  • Do not spam in the comments, on pages, or in the chat.
  • No explicit material, such as gore or sexual content.
  • Do not bully other members.
  • No repeated pinging in chatroom.
  • Do not edit other members' profile.
  • No excessive swearing, a small amount is fine.
  • Do not remove warnings or ban messages from a profile. This will increase the time of your ban.
  • Do not advertise other material.

Rules about Fanart

  • Only upload your work
  • No spamming photos
  • No videos
  • No explicit material, such as gore or sexual content.
  • Only add to existing galleries

Rules for editing

  • Use correct grammar.
  • Do not say "You", instead say "The Player".
  • Do not add material that has already been stated at another point in the article.
  • Do not add categories that are unnecessary for the page.
  • Do not create new pages without admin permission.
  • Do not create spam/unnecessary content.

Ban Process

  • First: Warning
  • Second: 1 week ban.
  • Third: 1 month.
  • Fourth: Infinite ban.
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