The Doors is a vital game mechanic in One Night at Flumpty's. They are used to keep the antagonists out of The Office and from killing The Player. However, from a lore perspective, they are there merely to give the player a faux sense of security. In actuality, Flumpty is fully capable of teleporting into the office, however, he chooses not to, as that would ruin the fun of his friendship game, and defeat the whole purpose.


The Doors appear to be made out of sturdy, metal paneling, stylized similarly to horizontal rectangles assembled together. When activated, the doors will fall at an alarming rate, followed by a potent, loud metallic clamor. This same metallic clamor can be heard when deactivating the doors.

Door Power

The Doors have a limited amount of power that may be used throughout the night. The power meter is shown as a white silhouette of a battery shape with a rectangle in the middle, resembling the amount of battery power remaining. This lack of precise data can often make it hard for players to decipher whether or not the door power is about to stop working.

If the Player neglects Door power, or the antagonists harass the doors enough, forcing the player to run out of door power, both doors (or whichever is currently closed) will spring open, an audible power down sound is able to be heard. The buttons on the button panel adjacent to both doors will go dark, leaving the player hopelessly vulnerable to everyone except for Grunkfuss and Golden Flumpty. If it's late 5 AM, the player has a chance to win, however, they have to be approximately 12 seconds away from a victory at most in order to reach 6 AM and survive the night

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