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The Player
Species Human
Colors Player's colors
Gender Player's gender
Starts 12 AM, The Office

The Player is the person that you play as, the protagonist (human) of One Night at Flumpty's and One Night at Flumpty's 2. Nothing is known about them beyond that Flumpty Bumpty kidnapped them to play Flumpty's game. There have been theories that Flumpty kidnapped you into his dimension and you are yourself. Flumpty also kidnaps them because he doesn't have the best 'social skills' and doesn't make friends traditionally due to this social hindrance. The player is forced to stay in an The Office for the entirety of both games. The player doesn't speak or vocalize any kind of noise throughout the entirety of both games, but the jumpscares from Grunkfuss the Clown and The Owl's noises might be the player screaming and when killed they get this screen

Flumpty has provided the player a small amount of devices to falsify the illusion that it keeps Flumpty out, but in reality, Flumpty just wants to add a new level of depth to the 'game' and chooses not to teleport into the office and kill you because it destroys the fun of Flumpty's game.

The Player is noted as being an average citizen of New Dork, abducted randomly by Flumpty to play his Saw-esque friendship game.

After they became Flumpty Bumpty's best friend by defeating Flumpty and his posse, they were mentioned in a local New Dork newspaper. In the newspaper, it states that Flumpty is constructing a "many headed monster out of the game's unfortunate previous contestants". It is likely that the only way for that information to be released to the New Dork's press, the Player would have had to leak that information during an interview, as the player had seen it, and defeated it first hand along with the rest of Flumpty and Co.

How the player's death, should they get caught by an antagonist, depends on which game is being played.

In the first game, approximately 8 seconds pass in static before the player character's eyes are located in a damaged frying pan, being fried ironically since the player is being chased by an anthropomorphic egg. It is revealed that the player's irises are red.

In the second game, 8 seconds pass in sheer static and the death screen is revealed. One of the player's eyes are sitting in an apparatus designed to slice boiled eggs into slices. To the right of the unsliced eye is an already sliced eye showing red entrails in the middle of each slice.

What happens to the rest of the player beyond the eyes is unknown, but it's unlikely that their bodies were deposited into Eyesaur, as their eyes were not disposed like the player's.

The Player character, as confirmed by Jonochrome, is supposed to be the literal 'player' of the game. The appearance of the person trapped in Flumpty's house of fun is determined by whoever is playing the game. Therefore, the appearance of the protagonist is what the player of the game looks like.

However, as revealed in the death screens, the player character's irises are red.

All that is known about the player character is that they've canonically beaten Hard Boiled mode, as revealed by the newspaper at the end. It is presumed that Flumpty kidnapped a random civilian off of the street, and have forced them to either survive and become Flumpty's best friend, or die.

Once again, as the protagonist is the literal player of the game, their personality is dependent on what the person playing the game's personality is like. The only unchangeable factor of the protagonist role is that they canonically beat Hard Boiled mode in order to receive the newspaper.

It would have been revealed in a minigame that after the player survived the first two games that Flumpty would beckon them into a backroom and say "In order to be my best friend, you must kill your current best friend", and the player would refuse and Flumpty would kill them (which Flumpty would then turn them into Champ & Chump, however, this idea was scrapped along with the entirety of One Week at Flumpty's.

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