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Record player

"Welcome one and all to Flumpty Bumpty's, if your lights are turned off then you're safe... If your lights are on then they'll come find you and rip you a brand new face."

-The song that plays when starting a night

The Record Player is a mechanic in One Night at Flumpty's 2, serving as a background mechanic and an instructional element. The record player has a vinyl disc brandishing Flumpty's face on it.


At the start of a night on the inital standard mode, a record will automatically play on the record player, seen on the bottom-right portion of the screen. When it turns on, a small chorus consisting solely of Flumpty's voice will sing a brief song:

"Welcome, one and all, to Flumpty Bumpty's. If your lights are turned off, then you're safe. *distortion* If your lights are on, then they'll come find you and rip you a brand new face."

The song primarily warns you to use the light switch as protection to hide in the dark. This alludes to the awareness meter, which will increase upon being spotted by an enemy while the lights are on. However, this does also disable the monitor, leaving you vulnerable to the Owl and the Redman.

After the song is finished, the record player will play formal, 19th century-esque music for the rest of the night. In Hard-Boiled Mode, Flumpty's song will be skipped entirely. While the light switch is turned off, the music will stop playing.


  • The voice of the singing is Jonochrome himself, who also voiced Flumpty in the phone call of ONaF.
  • The Record Player appears in the teaser trailer of One Night at Flumpty's 2, but it seems that it focuses much on The Record Player rather than the characters.
  • When The Player turns off the lights it cuts off the song, but not the singing.
  • In Hard-Boiled Mode, the music that plays is a classical variation of the Five Nights at Freddy's version of the Toreador March.
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